The Kaden Centre is a facility designed to deliver custom, targeted exercise programs to people experiencing all stages of cancer, safely prescribed and guided by exercise and health professionals.
When you are released from hospital, or your rehabilitation services have finished, the Kaden Centre is there for you. 

The Centre offers:

  • Targeted, individualised exercise programs.  These programs are based on medical research, which consistently shows the increase in survival rates of cancer patients, with regular, targeted exercise.
  • Each person will be assessed by a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist, will have a personal program developed and will be supervised through each session of that program by a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist or qualified trainer.
  • Ongoing assessments will allow the program to be adjusted as required.
  • Clients will follow their own programs while training in a group environment.
  • The programs are affordable and approved by most private health insurers. Medicare supports sections of the program.

Also offered is:

  • Clinical pilates
  • Additional group class programs
  • Information and education events
  • A lounge for socialising – tea/coffee/water/snack available in the kitchen
  • A library/quiet area for when you need your own space.

There is no time limit on the use of the facilities.  The Kaden Centre also caters to people suffering with chronic diseases.

Kaden Centre is a registered Health Promotion Charity (HPC – Item 1).

Call or email us for further information and a tour of the centre.

You may also want to take a look at our FAQ page, for answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about the centre.