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Our Team

Our allied health staff are professional physiotherapists or exercise physiologists.

Every client is individually assessed and a personalised program is designed.

The Kaden Centre is a registered Not for Profit and Health Promotion Charity.

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Unit 2/4 Ironbark Close
NSW 2304

ABN: 30620923668

The Kaden Centre

The Kaden Centre delivers custom, targeted exercise programs to people experiencing all stages of cancer, safely prescribed and guided by exercise and health professionals.


Work individually in a group gym environment on your personal program. Our friendly staff are there and available to help the entire time. Your carer is also welcome to join you for a session.


Group yoga and mindfulness sessions. Relax and refresh your body and mind at your own pace. For all levels.


Reward your body with a theraupetic massage by an oncology masseuse.

Chill Out

Take some quiet time in the library or connect with others in the community area.

2/4 Ironbark Close, Warabrook
0447 462 050 or (02) 4001 0113